21 March 2018 Ripple(xrp) price predictions

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21 March 2018 Ripple(xrp) price predictions

Fell below 0.60 USD the last week, the XRP is now trading at 0.70 USD as price expectations above 10 USD by the end of 2018, seemingly lose posibility after some rumours including the listing on Coinbase turned out to be baseless, although the company constantly announces new partnerships with banks and money transfer firms.

Several investment advisors lowered their year-end price expectations down to 5 USD already, which still promises a remarkable investment potential and loss recovery for buy-in positions at peak levels.

At the time the major price fall started in January 2018, Ripple (xrp) was trading at a price above 3 USD and since then a serious number of investors hold XRP.

The company alone holds more than half of the total token supply which is seen the most effective reason for the failure in price increase.

The circulating supply is 19 billion XRP while the total token supply is 100 billion XRP.

Key developments :

On the other hand, some recent developments signal a partial increase in XRP price. The global coffeehouse chain Starbucks is rumoured to be adopting XRP as payment option.

In another development, the digital money platform Uphold Inc. conducted a Twitter poll asking members to decide between four crypto currencies to be supported by the corporation. The Ripple received 51% of all votes while the Monero followed by 23%.


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