27 March 2018 Cryptocurrency market overview: What does ads banning mean ?

March 27, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Crypto Currency

27 March 2018 Cryptocurrency market analysis: What does ads banning mean ?

Only a few weeks after the Google and Facebook, now the Twitter Inc. announces it would ban cryptocurrency ads starting from 27 March 2018 Tuesday, a move , of course along with the recent US/Russia crisis, that led a shaking price fall in the market with more than 10% loss in total market cap.

Although the recent developments triggered a partial abstention in the market, which prompted investors to withdraw, banning cryptocurrency ads may rather have a positive impact on coin values by canalizing billions of potential investment into precious currencies instead of ICO’s or Scam/Fraud operations that were promoted by the help of social media advertisement tools.

Every single day, a brand new token project is launched, most of them with no real problem-solution vision. However, unexperienced investors who don’t want to miss another profit opportunity, decide to invest in one of those projects. As a result, fresh investable resources are diverted from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ads banning could reduce their promotion capacity and only quality and promising projects offering a real solution other than just constituting an alternative payment instrument, would have the chance to come forward and get popular. (Zoiz.net)


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