How to create IOTA Wallet (download install and login seed)

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How to create IOTA Wallet (download install and login seed)

IOTA’s complicated structure hardens the understanding of the Wallet mechanism details such as downloading, installing and logging in issues.

How to download IOTA Wallet ? How to install/Setup IOTA wallet? And how to create login seed to login to your IOTA wallet ?

1- How To Download and install IOTA Wallet ?

Download the setup.exe : Download NOW

Once the software is downloaded, run it. You will be asked to choose a light node or a full node. Choose one (You can switch between light and full nodes later). Following your node choice, the process will work automatically.

When the setup is done, you will be asked to define a hosting server out of the given choices. Try different servers until you successfully connect.

Once the connection is established, you will need a login seed to login to your IOTA walletin order to send and receive IOTA.

How to create a IOTA Login Seed ?

IOTA Seed is your confidential login credentials such as username as well as your password defined by yourself.

The more complicated your IOTA seed is, the more secure it is.

You create your login seed by yourself. It should consist of 81 characters that contain uppercase latin letters and the number 9

For example : ABC9D9EF9GXZ9……………………(81 character long)

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