How to withdraw Action coin into your wallet ?

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How to withdraw Action coin into your wallet ?

The distribution of action coins  (ACTN) has just begun in an event enabling token holders to purchase Action Coins with their Action points earned or purchased during the ICO phase and send them to Action coin wallet.

Here is the step by step guide that shows how to withdraw action coin into wallet :

Step 1). Create an account on the Action Blockchain, using our web wallet:
Create Action Wallet
Step 2). Be sure to note your wallet address (format: ACTN-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) and save your pass phrase in a VERY SAFE PLACE because it cannot be changed and it cannot be recovered!
Step 3). Visit the following page to purchase your Action Tokens, using your Action Points balance.  1 Action Point buys you 1 Action Token.  Use the same login as for our main website:
Order Your Action Tokens
Step 4). Add your wallet address to your order notes near the end of the checkout process. Your order notes should look exactly the same as the following screenshot (with your wallet address, of course):

Once your order is completebe sure to check your email receipt for accuracy (especially your wallet address), and report any problems to:

We will be running our initial token distribution event over the course of several days for security and control purposes. Token orders will be processed in batches, with a new batch of token transfers being processed roughly every 24 hours.  We will start distributing the first batch of tokens at 18:00 [PST] on March 1st, 2018.

Traffic levels are expected to be very high over the next few days, and we have done as much as possible to prepare for this.  If our website is too slow to work with (or even unresponsive), please try again later.  You might even want to wait for a day or two, then try again 😉

Affiliate Program Earnings

Points earned through one of our various affiliate systems, will be credited to your main Action Coin account as soon as possible.  Our developer is nearly done the first integration, and once that’s complete, he will work on the new Affiliate Program integration.  You will be able to exchange your Affiliate Program points for Action Tokens.  Please do not email support about this matter.
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