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If you’re buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies you often have the need to check your wallet balance or check out a particular transaction on the blockchain ledger. Since there are over 1500 cryptocurrencies you might often face the problem to search for an appropriate blockchain explorer to check address, transaction, history etc. is your one-stop solution to check any data from all blockchains for all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency industry is over 400 billion dollar industry today with over 50 million users worldwide. This blockchain explorer will definely be useful for all cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts around the world.

What is and what are it’s features ?

It is a search engine and blockchain explorer for all cryptocurrencies. You can search any cryptocurrency addresses, transaction hash, history / details, data, blocks, etc. from a single page. Since the crypto community needed it very much, this app was created since it’s very difficult to remember and search for individual blockchain explorers of multiple cryptocurrencies. It’s build using HTML, CSS & Javascript using the Bootstrap framework.
Some of it’s very useful features are :-
• Explore any cryptocurrency transaction details, address balance/details, block data etc.
• Explore web directory of all cryptocurrency related groups, news channels and communities.
• Explore the Basic Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies (FAQ’s).
• Use the Chrome Extension App or Android App that redirects you to the website.

How does work ? redirects users to corresponding blockchain explorers for every cryptocurrency and provides you the search result of each query. So you don’t need to remember or search for blockchain explorers all over the internet. It also provides you with a huge extensive list of cryptocurrency related groups, news channels and communities for better research on any cryptocurrency or blockchain news in general. If you’re new to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies you can also check out the basic guide on cryptocurrencies published on this website.

Contact Details & Developer Details & Useful Links :-

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