is Scam or legit ? Cryptonion Limited Reviews

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is Scam or legit ? Cryptonion Limited Reviews

Coming forward for 250% – 400% return on investment promise within 200 – 260 days, evoks questions like is Scam or legit ?

Cryptonion Limited Review

Incorporated in England with 1 GBP capital (According to Statement of capital issued on 2017-07-31), Cryptonion Limited appears like a Shell Corporation. The only shareholder of Cryptonion Limited is a person named Mat Ronyx.

No matters how profitable it is or how much earning potential it has, there is not any kind of business that can yield a profit at the rates that Cryptonion offers.

To be able to distribute 400% profit within 260 days, Cryptonion should earn at least 500% from the investments .

On the other hand, the source of the income is not stated clearly in “About Us” page which is full of fancy words, false promises and nonsense sentences.

is Cryptonion Scam ?

Despite the fact that Cryptonion is a real corporation, it does not mean it operates a legit business at all. The only reason they set up a corporation is to create positive image in order to convince people to make investments.


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