Nucelus Vision and Tommy Hilfiger Partnership Screenshots Fake ?

April 18, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Crypto Currency

Nucelus Vision and Tommy Hilfiger Partnership Screenshots Fake ?

Some social media accounts have shared a series of seemingly messaging screenshots of a private messaging allegedly with Tommy Hilfiger representatives, causing a sharp price fall by more than 30% in 1 hour.

However when assessing the issue thoroughly, we realize that there should have been at least an official statement by Tommy Hilfiger considering the importance of the issue as emphasized in the given screenshots.

On the other hand, depending on the fact that fake sentences would surface sooner or later, a project like Nucleus Vision can not risk the team and the all effort put into the project by relying on a fake partnership perception since it is most likely inevitably to come to light.

The influential allegation breakout proved that social media users tend to believe any speculative information spread by even unknown sources like a Twitter user with no real profile picture, and to take action without an official verification.

Surprisingly a huge buy-in took place right after the dump, which strenghtens the fact that screenshots and allegations put forward through them are likely to be fake. Let’s ask a question ; if the partnership was fake and people are convinced about it, then who buys Ncash in such great amounts ?

Article by İlhan BARAN (Turkey based freelance journalist)


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