Simplefx Reviews Simplefx complaints is simplefx scam?

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Simplefx Reviews Simplefx complaints, is simplefx scam?

Simplefx is a broker offering  leveraged buy-sell transactions on both forex assets and crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin and Dash.

Simplefx leverage rate of 1:500 is quiet high and very risky which can lead to a bankrupt easily.

On the other hand Simplefx does not provide any information about regulation.

In addition, Simplefx’s so called costumer reviews seem very fake.

Pleasse submit your Simplefx reviews, complaints and/or comments via the form below.

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  1. zckeles says:

    simplefx is scam

    implefx is scam. i withdraw 0.45 btc yesterday. Simplefx canceled.(we have discovered a malfunction of our Liquidity Provider’s bridge function. In result of the malfunction, our BitcoinCash Liquidity Provider has not been able to fill our Clients’ orders since 11th November 08:55 UTC. Acting in accordance with point 27.2 of SimpleFX Terms of Use and Customer Agreement, we are forced to cancel all BCH trades placed after the above-mentioned time.)

    This my last money, if not withdraw today i will kill myself!

    simplefx account number 114075

  2. Dirk says:

    Simplefx took .4 btc from me this morning too. Supposedly profit from this weekend. Pretty shady definitely won’t be using them again if they can just go back days and take back profits on closed trades. There support just give you the generic we don’t have liquidity so we are taking your money.

  3. Rikken says:

    same here, withdrawing everything (lets hope they approve lol).
    they just took back all the profit i made in BCH, without warning, closing open trades in the process because that got my margin killed. Live Support even blocked me, altho i did not use any bad language or anything before. No information what so ever on all they did

  4. brasil says:

    Simplefx capture 2 btc from me. Simplefx is scam

  5. Eddie Moore says:

    exactly the same thing has happened to me

  6. eddy says:

    same thing has happened to me

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