What is cryptocurrency wash trade ?

March 31, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Crypto Currency

What is cryptocurrency wash trade ? Here in this article wash trading in cryptocurrency market is explained in all aspects.

Lets start with the definion of the term of cryptocurrency wash trade. What is cryptocurrency wash trade  ?

What is cryptocurrency wash trade  ?

Cryptocurrency wash trade refers to a deliberate operation in which investors fulfill buy or sell orders they placed on a targeted coin. Within this process, investors literally are buying from or selling to themselves. They initially place a sell order and then a buy order on the same coin or viceversa.

Why is cryptocurrency wash trade is being commited ?

Some investors may perform this method in order to create a false impression that the coin is intensely demanded as buy-sell volume number is likely to rise as a result of the wash trading operation.

is wash trade illegal ?

Wash trading is considered illegal under an article within the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) adopted in 1936.


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