Why Vitrocoin is not on Bitcointalk.org

December 29, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Crypto Currency

Why Vitrocoin is not on Bitcointalk.org

Bitcointalk.org is a reliable source for having some opinion about new ICO startups or new tokens. Vitrocoin is seemingly a brand new crypto currency entrepreneurship. But the weird detail that Vitrocoin is not being discussed on Bitcointalk.org just intensifies questions about it’s reliability.

The group shares a  roadmap at Vitrocoin.com stating target prices that apparently goes up to 40 USD for each Vitrocoin. Considering the current price of 0.0001 USD, price targets may allure investors. However the motives that would lead to this price increase remain a mystery.

Although Vitrocoin is not on Bitcointalk.org, You can discuss the Vitrocoin here.


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